Kingdom of Uldakorr

Uldakorr is a kingdom of dwarves set on the northern segment of the Nedor Peninsula, which makes up the Twin Kingdoms. While the region that makes up Uldakorr today has been inhabited by dwarves since befor the age of the wrathful gods, Uldakorr became a kingdom roughly four hundred years ago at about the same time king Kael ascended to the throne of the human nation to the south.


Internally, Uldakorr is made up of nine city-states, each with their own separate monarch. The throne of each state is inherited through the matriarchal line. Noble suitors from other cities each compete for the favor of the eldest daughter of the king and queen, eventually marrying. Once the king passes away or steps down (an action for which there is a precedent in Uldakorr, rare as it might be to occur), the throne transfers to the princess’ husband.

On a national level, the king over all Uldakorr is simply the king of the city state which happens to be the current capital. In that case, that king is referred to as high king, and is given the responsibility of overseeing the well being of all nine city states. The capitol then gains a second king, who is the husband of the second eldest daughter of the previous monarch, who takes charge of the city state’s affairs.

In the history of Uldakorr there have been three capitols. The founding capitol was Icehold, north of Stonewrought. The second capitol became Stonewrought after nearly a century and a half of Icehold rule. Briefly the capitol was transferred to Ironcore during the first invasion of the Orcs, but once that threat was ended the capitol moved back to Stonewrought, where it has stayed for almost one hundred and seventy years.


Uldakorri dwarves count their years by which city serves as capitol. Their nation was therefore founded in teh first year of Icehold, which is written “Icehold 1.” In Icehold 137 the capitol moved to Stonewrought, meaning that Icehold 137 is also I Stonewrought 1. In I Stonewrought 78, the capitol moved again, this time to Ironcore, for twenty one years. When the capitol finally moved back to Sonewrought, it became year one of the second age of Stonewrought (II Stonewrought 1).

Kingdom of Uldakorr

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