In such a diverse world, the various nations in and around the Twin Kingdoms each have their own calendars, which is sometimes confusing. This page should help to inform players about the details and differences between each calendar.


Uldakorri dwarves count their years by which city serves as capitol. Their nation was therefore founded in the first year of Icehold, which is written “Icehold 1.” In Icehold 137 the capitol moved to Stonewrought, meaning that Icehold 137 is also I Stonewrought 1. In I Stonewrought 78, the capitol moved again, this time to Ironcore, for twenty one years. When the capitol finally moved back to Sonewrought, it became year one of the second age of Stonewrought (II Stonewrought 1).


The humans of Kaelmanar count the year by the family who controls the country. There is only one royal family at any given time, although tradition dictates that the people (or at least the nobles of the nation) can elect a new king under certain circumstances, which triggers the onset of a new age. When that does happen, the year in which the transition takes place keeps the name of the previous monarch, but does not get a number, so that when the Kael family were forced to pass the throne over to the Aidance family after ninety three years of rule, the year was not “93 Kael” or “1 Aidance.” Instead it became known as “Terminus Kael.” The following year became known as “2 Aidance,” in acknowledgment of the transition period.


Since the peace between Uldakorr and Kaelmanaar, a standardized calendar has seen limited use in official capacities, especially where inter-kingdom business or trade is involved. It is simply the number of years since the end of The Final War. At present, the year is 72P (where P indicates ‘Peace’)


Uldakorr Kaelmanar Twin Kingdoms (Years Passed)
N/A 16 Cadridge N/A 0
N/A Terminus Cadridge (17) N/A 1
Icehold 1 7 Kael N/A 7
Icehold 86 Terminus Kael (93) N/A 93
Icehold 129 Terminus Aidance (43) N/A 136
Icehold 137 / I Stonewrought 1 9 Raelkin N/A 143
I Stonewrought 78 / Ironcore 1 87 Raelkin N/A 221
Ironcore 17 Terminus Raelkin (104) N/A 238
Ironcore 21 / II Stonewrought 1 4 Chadrig N/A 242
II Stonewrought 88 Terminus Chadrig N/A 330
II Stonewrought 93 Terminus Osbidon N/A 335
II Stonewrought 149 Terminus Diaplor N/A 391
II Stonewrought 157 8 Loknor 1P 399
II Stonewrought 197 Terminus Loknor 41P 439
II Stonewrought 228 31 Pondig 72P 470


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